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The Palm of Deborah Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit Vocational School: an educational worship ministry establisehd to prepare and empower women in minstry to exercise their God given authority to teach, preach, pray, design and conduct an array of praise/worship and other services focused on winning souls for Christ.  It provides an encompassing opportunity to learn and practice the difference components of praise and worship in an organized real time chruch setting before a live congregation.  The uniqueness of this vocaltional educational model is the built in opportunity to immediately practice learned theoretical skills on site
Mission Statement:
The mission of The Palm of Deborah Ministries, Inc. (The Palm) is to provide exemplary theoretical and practical educational experiences in religion and life coaching to an ethnically and denominationally diverse population of women with leadership potential, endowed with a a strong sense of The Palm's core values of spiritual commitment, leadership, compassion, service and truth.